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Hi all,

It's December and that means a couple of things - first, a time to wonder where the last year has gone, and second, a time to start thinking about gifts for your friends. Next week we'll be featuring great gifts under $20 that will fit the needs of all your closest friends. Here's a sneak peek at the roundups we'll be featuring:

She's stressed: For the friend who just needs a vacation but can't find the time to take one
She's going green: Gifts that have the Earth, and your friend, in mind
She's glamorous: For the woman in your life who has never stepped out of the house looking frumpy
She's in love with the past: For the Hippie, Hipster or Victorian Chic
She's a powerhouse: Her Blackberry is her second best friend, and you love her for it
She's socially conscious: Just because she's dedicated to activism doesn't mean you can't find her a great gift
She's got a new place: and it needs to be filled with fantastic housewares!

We're slowly getting some feedback from our new readers, but we're always eager for more suggestions. Leave us a comment or shoot us an email and we're happy to implement some changes! We want to hear about what you'd like to see.

Anyway, enough shop talk. I'm still nursing a bit of a cold so my weekend will be spent watching Season 2 of Mad Men (any fans?) and catching up with a good friend over dinner. S is off to Nashville for a conference, and will hopefully have some time to enjoy a meal at The Bluebird Cafe, maybe even catch some local music there.

Until Monday!


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